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Surfin' Turnips - Awake The West (2015)

£10.00 - On Sale

Yes, you read it right! Bristol Cider Punk legends The Surfin' Turnips have finally woken from their cider infused slumber and staggered around to the recording studio and released a brand spanking new album which is available exclusive from Fuelled By Cider.

Track Listing:

1: Turmot Hoer
2: The Quaker
3: Evenin' In The Village
4: Oh Apple Tree
5: Eddystone Light
6: The Sampford Peverell Pig Farmers Polka
7: Ciderman Killed The Radio Star
8: Summat Queer On Batch
9: A Cottage On Dartmoor
10: Spanish Ladies

P & P £1 for The West Country & UK and £3 Rest of the world.