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Skimmity Hitchers 'Parodies Lost - Parodies Regained' CD

Image of Skimmity Hitchers 'Parodies Lost - Parodies Regained' CD

£10.00 - On Sale

Album number 4 from Skimmity Hitchers is finally here, and what a beauty it is!

A definitive work of the Scrumpy & Western genre evenly split between 6 original material and 6 parody tracks.

Essential listening for any self-respecting, cider drinking music lover.

Track listing:

Parodies Lost

1.) Joe Shaftesbur-I
2.) A Bit Of Personal
3.) Jack The Scrumper
4.) Old Muckspreada
5.) Al Cider
6.) Drink The Beer

Parodies Regained

7.) Customs Man
8.) Road To Yeovil
9.) Independent Westcountryman
10.) Ten Pints
11.) Not That Kind Of Party
12.) Daytime Drinker